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Tom Chapman

Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

I have been involved with some kind of music as long as I can remember. I use to listen to my grandma play honky tonk piano when I was a rug rat and always wondered "where did she learn to play honky tonk"? Sorry to say I never got to ask her. My best memories are riding in the car with my dad and singing harmony with anything that would come on the radio. That's all he could sing was harmony and I learned a great deal from him. I still today would rather sing than play an instrument. The instrument just keeps my hands busy. I have been slam jamin' on the guitar since grade school and I am still taking lessons. Playing rythm and being the clown has always been my gig and I truly love to perform. Once I get on the stage it is hard to get me off. That is still a great feeling for me and belive it or not I get nervous before each and every gig no matter how large or small. I have been on the stage in one form or another since I was six years old wether it be at a community function, school function or just having fun with my friends. I listen to all forms of music and really do not have just one favorite type. It all turns me on. I have been in Mountain Magic now for 20 plus years and hope to still be doing it when my main man calls me home. I hope you enjoy our music. TLC

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