Tom Chapman
Charlie Ferrill
Jamie Fields
Ron Perron
Steve Miller
Keith Terry



Jamie Fields

Vocals and Percussion

I have loved music my whole life thanks to my parents. They exposed my two brothers and me to lots of music and instruments when we were little. I sang in choir in grade school, took guitar lessons one summer, and played the violin for three years; mainly I just loved listening to all types of music. I remember going to a folk music concert with my parents and when it was over, I went straight to the club where my brother was a DJ playing house music. Then one summer on a family vacation, we were at a bowling alley and my dad challenged me in a karaoke contest. I've been singing with Mountain Magic ever since. To this day, my family continues to influence me musically. My dad has played the guitar and has been performing as long as I can remember. My brother Taber started as a DJ when he was thirteen. My mom and brother Josh always say they have no musical talent, but they have an ear for exceptional music. It's because of them that I can appreciate such a diverse quantity of music. As for Mountain Magic, the variety of music that everyone likes is one of my favorite things about the band. As for the "guys," what an extraordinary group of musicians that I learn from every single week.

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